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About the Author

Writing that inspires, encourages and shares personal tips in order to bring balance, increased happiness and peace into your life.

I've always had a love for writing. Ever since I was a little girl, I've written stories, and poetry, and kept a journal. I still remember my first story about a young flower and life in the garden with her family. I was seven. 

Throughout high school and college, I excelled at writing and thoroughly enjoyed it. As an elementary and middle school teacher, for more than 2o years, I have loved guiding and encouraging my students to express themselves through writing. During those years, I wrote in private, keeping my hopes and dreams to myself. 

It happened one day, a few years ago when I could no longer ignore my passion. The once quiet voice inside of me whispering, reminding me of my passion, grew louder and insisted I follow my dream. My dream of writing for others, to encourage and inspire, is finally a reality.

My first published book was written about my daughter, Faith. Have a Little Faith is a children’s book about a young girl with Down syndrome who lives her life enjoying many of the things that all other children enjoy doing. The book is open about the challenges she faces and ensures readers that beyond these day-to-day obstacles, she is just like anyone else. It encourages all children to believe in themselves.

My second book, adult non-fiction, Raising Faith: The Ups and Downs of Raising a Child with Down Syndrome released in September 2022, provides support, education, and encouragement for parents, family members, and teachers. This book is for anyone who enjoys stories about overcoming challenges, a spirit of sticktoitiveness, and finding peace amid the turmoil of life.

Currently, I'm writing my third book, The Red Quarters, which is inspired by my father, who has continued to guide me even after his passing. It's a story about love, believing, and finding peace after the grief of loss.

I also have two blogs, "Believe in Your Best Life", and "Life with Faith" and recently started a podcast entitled "Jersey Gina's Gift of Gab".

It’s incredibly hard work, especially while taking care of a family and still teaching full-time, but I am happy to sit down with my journal or my computer and finally feel free to share my words with the world.

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