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Finding Peace Within: Weathering Life's Storms and Dancing in the Rain

The storms of life can be terrifying.

Whether you have a new job, looming financial struggle, unexpected heartbreak, losing your home or going through a divorce, life can feel like a pending storm on the brink of devastating your life.

In my case, all the above... all at once.

Yes, you read that correctly. The past year has been enduring one strike on my life, like a bolt of lightning, after another.

The heartbreak and shock of it all made me feel as though I was drowning. And, truth be told, I was drowning. Some days I sank into the abyss of depression, consumed by sadness. I felt completely out of control.

The pain was difficult to bear. My eyes cried every day. My heart felt shattered into a million pieces. My mind worried all the time.

What will become of me?

How will I ever recover?

When will I ever feel whole again?

The huge waves of sadness crashed over me. They were relentless and overwhelming.

I felt as though I couldn't handle anything that was happening in my life. I had to escape the anxiety. So, I got in my car and drove in search of peace.

The beach pictured here is where I go to think, journal, cry and pray. On this day, grief was taking over. I sat bundled in my sweatpants and hoodie, wrapped in a blanket, staring at this vision. It amazed me that this view was a perfect representation of my feelings.

The waves kept smacking the shore, one after the other. The beach was taking a beating, with no relief at all. The sky was gloomy and filled with a blanket of gray clouds.

I cried and looked to the heavens pleading, "Why, God? Why is all of this happening to me? Please help me!" Then, I noticed the silver lining along the horizon and a break in the clouds which allowed some of the bright blue sky to appear.

It took my breath away, and my tears suddenly stopped. Then, it hit me.

No matter how rough the waters of life are, the waves eventually diminish. And after the gray clouds cast darkness, the sun will always reappear.

I exhaled. I smiled through my tears. But this time, they were tears of relief. I felt calmer and suddenly, felt something I hadn't felt inside of me in months. That welcoming, wonderful feeling was none other than... HOPE.

Since that day, for the past year, I have made seeking my peace a priority. In order to cope with any type of stress, heartbreak or anxiety, you need a plan of action. That will be different for everyone. For me, it's yoga, meditation, prayer, journaling, preferably all at the beach. Think about what truly brings you peace, joy, or a smile to your face. That's the plan you must follow, in order to handle the storms of life.

I've learned to accept the tumultuous times, a little easier now. We cannot control what anyone says or does. We cannot always control what happens to us or around us. But... we can control how we react. I've learned to look within for my strength, by doing the things that bring me joy. We must create balance in our lives in order to find peace.

The clouds will always appear. The storms will blow fiercely. The tears fall like rain, violent winds of change occur, and the abrasive waves that beat you up in life all have their purpose.

Please believe me when I tell you, it gets easier. You must weather a few storms. Stand tall with your head held high, in search of the sun. It will appear. And that ray of light will fill your soul with comfort that you will, in fact, be okay. And one day, hopefully soon, you will smile at the onset of a storm, because you know you can dance in the rain.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain." ~Vivian Greene

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