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Fuel your FIRE!

There is a flame inside of you. There is a fire within each of us. It’s what excites us in life. It gets our blood pumping and makes our hearts beat faster. It can be terrifying. And it can bring us pure joy. It’s our passion…our heart’s desire. It’s that little voice inside of us, deep down inside, trying to be heard. It can burn fiercely. Or it can be smothered by fear and doubt.

We must learn to listen. We live in a non-stop, busy, go-go-go world of work, schedules, families, responsibilities and to-do lists. It’s all too easy to lose site of our hopes and dreams. It’s often difficult, in today’s society, to hear our inner voice above all the noise. We need to consciously make the time to listen. To just be still. Be quiet, so we can hear what it’s trying to tell us. What are the things in life that make you smile? Where are you when you feel pure joy? Who are the people that lift you up? When do you feel the most fulfilled? What are your dreams? If you had nothing holding you back, what would you want to do? It’s not an easy quest. But it is a worthwhile endeavor. Let’s put it on our to-do list. Schedule it on our calendar, if need be. Listen to our hearts.

There is a flame inside all of us. My hope is that we all take action to ‘fuel our fire’!

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