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Living in the Present

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

We spend much more time than necessary, thinking of the past or the future. Reliving and going over and over in our mind what happened in our past, or worrying about how our lives will turn out. We all have pain, hurt or events in our past we’d like to do-over. We all have dreams we hope will come to fruition. We worry and stress about the how, why and when. What if we didn’t? What if we just focused on what is happening right now, today? What if we just concentrated on who we spend our time with, at that moment?

Our past has shaped us into the people we are today. And yes, we live today based on what we want in our future. So, some analysis of what has occurred and what is yet to be is necessary for acting in a way that helps us achieve our goal. However, over-thinking can hurt our present living. Not living in the moment takes away from the people we’re with now in the present. I, like all of you, have events in my past that have been painful. What I need to remember is that it IS in the past. I need to leave it there. Yes, it shaped me into the woman I am today. I’ve learned from it. I grew from my experiences, but I need to move on. We can’t help but have thoughts about the people or things that upset us. It happens all the time to most of us.

I believe that entertaining those thoughts for too long takes away from the present moment. There are many times, while I’m at work that I worry about my children’s health, school grades, how I can convince them to do their chores without an argument. It can lead to oversights or missed appointments or a mistake. Sometimes I’m at lunch with a friend or date night and worrying about other things or other people. Don’t get me wrong; it’s healthy to vent or get worries off your chest, especially with your inner circle of people. They may have great advice and will often support and encourage you. All I’m suggesting is, don’t dwell. Recognize your issues and concerns, listen to help and then change the topic. I have learned that not only does it infringe upon my time with the person I care about, but it tortures me to go over and over a bad situation. We all do it at times. I have worried about the bills I have to pay while “relaxing” on the beach. Not very relaxing.

It happens though for sure. It’s natural even. Of course, I think and worry about my loved ones, the bills I need to pay, what my future will turn out to be when I can go on my next vacation. The key is to recognize the thoughts, acknowledge the situation and then let it leave your mind as quickly as it enters. It takes practice. However, practicing mindfulness in every case does truly pay off. It reduces stress and worry. Practicing mindfulness increases the feeling of happiness at that moment. Your problems in life will still be there after work. You will always have the same concerns after date night. Those same worries may even exist after yoga class. Focus on, better yet, enjoy the present. Soak in the person, and the moment you are in at that given time. Allow your mind to rest, so your heart can enjoy. Live your best life.

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