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Stressed lately?

Frustration rears its ugly head from time to time. Often situations lead to annoyance, disappointment and the stress that makes us feel like we will explode! There are many aspects to our lives, which all together make up who we are as a person. The people in our lives and the way we spend our time have a direct effect on our contentment. Work takes a majority of our time. For many, that’s well over 40 hours a week. With devoting that much energy to one area in life, hopefully its rewarding and fulfilling. Family is high on the priority list and impacts all we do. Family is often the driving force, our reason for doing what we do. Love is more powerful than many people like to admit. Whether your love affairs are amazing and bring you pure pleasure or devastate you unexpectedly, it can lift you up or tear you down, in an instant. Last, but shouldn’t be least of all, our general health and wellbeing. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are crucial, but even more neglected is the time to unwind, destress, you know… ‘me time’. I believe all of those areas make us who we are and whether they are in balance will determine our level of happiness.

I’ve learned that when one facet of my life gets ignored or neglected, even in the slightest way, it throws me ‘off’. I feel out of balance. If I don’t get enough sleep, I’m grumpy and irritable. Snipping at others and a lack of patience affects my social health in a negative way. When I miss my regular workout, I feel bad about myself and guilty, which directly affects my self confidence. A lack of confidence then affects my work or whether or not I feel sexy in that new dress on date night. I’ve learned that maintaining balance is extremely important. And when my life is out of balance it leads to stress and frustration. Sound familiar?

The good news…there’s hope. Stress and frustration can be prevented, or at the very least nipped in the bud before it gets way out of control. How you ask? Simple. Take care of yourself. ALL of yourself. Remember, you are made up of all the things you have to do in life. Think of it it as your 3 ‘R’s: Responsibilities, Relationships, Relaxation! Your responsibilities such as work, chores, paying bills and parenting are necessary. Not always fun but must be done. Relationships with your family and your love are important priorities for happiness. Spending quality time with those you love brings you joy and feeds your soul. Last, but certainly not least, relaxation is to remind you to take care of your mind and your body. Eat well, get and stay active and allow yourself that much needed ‘down time’. Yes it’s a tall order to maintain balance but, if you do, you will feel calmer, more focused and happier with your life. You are worth it. Go ahead, Live YOUR Best Life!

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